Why does Jard sometimes fail to stop in Ruby 2.7?

Jard depends on Byebug, and Byebug depends on Ruby Tracepoint. In Ruby 2.7.0 and 2.7.1, Tracepoint has a bug that breaks Byebug. The bug is fixed, and released in Ruby 2.7.2. See more in this issue.

Can Ruby Jard work with Docker?

Yes it can. However, if you are using docker-compose up, you may have to change your workflow a little bit since that command is not meant to be interactive. To enable Ruby Jard in docker:

  • Use docker exec -it or docker run -it
  • Use docker-compose run with tty: true and stdin_open: true flags. For example: docker-compose run --service-ports web
  • Use docker-compose up -d. Then docker ps. Then docker attach to attach into your service docker instance.